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    News Alert – By November 30, 2012

    Keep our Centers Whole! Ask Supervisors NOT to cut funding to Adult Day Health Care Programs!

    Fairfax County residents have the opportunity to provide input on funding priorities and possible reductions for the multi-year budget plan for Fiscal Year 2014 (effective July 1, 2013) and Fiscal Year 2015 (effective July 1, 2014) through an Online Survey open through Friday, November 30.

    The survey can be found at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dmb/fy2014/survey/

    Helpful information to read before answering the three survey questions can be found at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dmb/.


    To help fund entertainment activities, caregiver volunteers, and recognition of valued staff at the Fairfax County adult day care centers, please consider making an online tax-deductible donation to the Associates through your preferred option below:


    Here you will be able to find information about the Fairfax County Adult Day Health Care Associates organization, contact information for the six Fairfax County Adult Day Health Care Centers, advocacy information as well as links, relevant news and other information vital to participants, caregivers, community members and others interested in and caring about the older adults in our community. Just click on the tabs or links to get the information you need.

    Who are the Associates?

    The Fairfax County Adult Day Health Care Associates, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established over 20 years ago to provide support and advocacy on behalf of families participating in Fairfax County Adult Day Health care. We are an all-volunteer organization made up of Adult Day Health Care participants, caregivers, community members, family members, former caregivers and others concerned with the issues of eldercare here in Fairfax County.

    What do the Associates do?

    With the financial support of caregiver families, other members, and grants, the Associates provide:

    • Direct cash payments to Fairfax County to help sustain the ADHC program;
    • Equipment (i.e., exercise equipment and white boards) to the Centers as needed;
    • Support for outside programming (musical/art/movement therapists) at the Centers;
    • Appreciation for Center staff through recognition luncheons and other means and
    • Advocacy on behalf of the ADHC Centers and caregivers in Fairfax County.